New Year, New You: Let’s Talk About Probiotics

From Dr. Oz to Jamie Lee Curtis, there’s been a lot of talk about probiotics. Probiotics are simply different micro organisms, and are most commonly found in yogurt, aged cheese and other dairy products. These micro organisms are what turn milk into yogurt and other products, and they remain live cultures in these products. Different products and production facilities use different strains of organisms, but they are all basically categorized as “good bacteria.” Probiotics are beneficial by increasing the population of microbes in the intestines and possibly inhibiting pathogens and harmful organisms.

There have been many studies into the benefits from probiotics, from the fundamental study of people whose cultural diet included many fermented foods (yogurt, sauerkraut as examples) – these populations were found to have extended life expectancies and a lower incidence of life-threatening diseases like cancer. Of course, many other factors could affect those results, but those studies lead to a further examination of the health benefits of probiotics. Let’s take a look at some of the discoveries about probiotics and better health.

Probiotics help the absorption of nutrients. Certain strains, particularly GanedenBC30, can increase the absorption of muscle-building amino acids from the intestinal tract. Animal tests have shown an increase in calcium and magnesium absorption when probiotics were given regularly. Probiotics are a great addition to your diet plan, especially if you are limiting your intake of food for weight loss, sports training or muscle building – they help your body get the most from everything you eat.

Probiotics boost immunity. Taking in “good bacteria” that help your body increase its nutritional intake, and help attack harmful micro organisms, improves your immune system. Certain bacteria in the intestines also influence the development of aspects of the immune system, such as increasing the numbers of certain T cells. Studies have shown an increase in resistance to infections and colds and flus with the regular use of probiotics, and the most common probiotic microorganisms, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium have been shown to inhibit the growth of dangerous strains such as E-coli and salmonella. Another study determined that hospital patients that were fed probiotics during their stay were less likely to contract staph and other infections. Pretty good track record!

Probiotics benefit pregnant mothers and their unborn babies. Long term studies on women who took probiotics during their pregnancy revealed the following results: The mother is as much as 18 percent less likely to give birth prematurely, able to drop the pregnancy weight faster, less likely to develop belly fat (which contributes to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, and at a 20 percent lower risk of developing gestational diabetes and diabetes after birth. For the baby, there is a 50 percent reduced risk of developing eczema, reduced likelihood to develop asthma, childhood obesity or diabetes, and a lower risk of developing necrotizing enterocolitis (where intestinal tissue begins to die).

Probiotics may help prevent cancer. Perhaps the best benefit, probiotics may help prevent the
development of cancer in the body. Seventy to eighty percent of the body’s immune cells are found in the intestinal tract. By boosting the immune system, probiotics help your body naturally fight infections and the development of cancer cells. Probiotics are also helpful in reducing vaginal and urinary infections. When the intestines have plenty of good bacteria, it can easily digest food and expel waste. Without healthy bacteria, toxins and waste that back up in the intestinal tract instead of moving through the colon and out of the body. These toxins then get absorbed back into the body through the bloodstream, causing stress to cells and infections.

For your NEW YEAR, NEW YOU campaign, probiotics are a great addition to your diet. If you can’t eat yogurt or other food sources for probiotics, there are now many supplements available on the market that will give you the benefits of live organisms in a pill or drink supplement. A simple habit that is easy to keep and will help you live a longer and healthier life!

New Year, New You: Losing Weight Part 2

In our first installment, we gave you some tips from Dr. Oz to help you lose weight, and some of our tips as well to help you change your habits and lifestyle to drop extra pounds and keep it off. As we said in Part I, weight loss is more effective when you make permanent changes in your eating habits. Make the changes you know you can keep, and don’t do more than you can handle. As you adopt good habits, you can add more and more to increase your health and lose weight permanently. Here are tips 6-10 for your new year, new you program:

6. MOVE! It can be tough to stick to a gym regimen. (I’ve spent $1,497.43 in the past 3 years on annual gym memberships and I made a total of 11 gym visits – that’s visits, not necessarily work outs – for a cost of $136.13 per visit. Not a cost effective weight loss plan.) If you can’t afford a gym membership, then think about how you can up your daily movement. Dr. Oz recommends that you take at least 10,000 steps a day (a cheap pedometer can count them for you and help you keep track during the day) – so, get moving. If you work in an office, go to the bathroom or coffee station furthest from your desk (unless you really really have to get to the bathroom). Take the stairs whenever you have a choice. Every hour, get up and walk about 50-100 steps, or march in place sitting at your desk, lifting your knees as high as your ribs, for about 2-3 minutes if you can’t leave your desk and walk. Design a workout routine, walking, jogging, yoga, or exercise, that you can fit into your daily schedule. If you don’t like your workout, or you can’t do it every day, change it until you find what works for you. But KEEP MOVING!

7. Vary your calorie and food intake. According to Dr. Oz, your body adjusts to your calorie and food intake, so to keep yourself losing weight, you should vary the amounts you eat. One day, consume 1800 calories, the next day, 1700, and the next 1600. This forces your body to exert more energy to adjust, leading to a bigger weight loss.

8. Drink water. Per Dr. Oz, your metabolism jumps within 10 minutes of drinking ice-cold water, and it stays up for a half-hour. And drinking 6 1/2 glasses a water a day helps you consume 200 calories less each day.

9. Eat whole grains. Look at the pasta, bread and rice you eat each day, and switch to whole wheat and/or whole grain. A simple switch that will up your fiber intake, keep you satisfied and fuller longer, and stabilize your blood sugar. Not only will they have a big impact on your health, giving you more nutrients than white flour products, but they have been shown to be a big help in weight loss.

10. Try a cleanse. Dr. Oz recommends a cleanse that will help eliminate toxins and bloat in your body. Avoid low calorie cleanses, they adversely affect your metabolism and can cause health problems, look for one that simply flushes out your system.

And there you have it. 10 ways you can make basic changes in your life that will help you lose weight while getting healthy. Your new you should not just be thinner, but should be healthier and more vital. Good luck!!!

New Year, New You: Losing Weight Part 1

Well, here it is the second month of the New Year, and how are you doing on those resolutions? Hmmm. Like me, you probably vowed to lose weight, and like me, by now you found it wasn’t going to be as easy as you thought (I did limit my cupcake eating to only one hour a day, but if you – like me – can eat 19 cupcakes in one hour, the weight just doesn’t come off). Losing weight takes a lifestyle change, so in order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to address your habits (like cupcakes). It’s best to “not bite off more than you can chew” (pun intended), and start with changes you can handle and keep going.

So if you have had trouble keeping your resolution to lose weight, change your resolution to something you can manage to keep, and make it part of your regular habits the rest of your life. Then add to your habit changes, but do it as you can manage it, and most important, keep it permanently as part of your life. Don’t do more than you can manage, and never do less, or go back. Here is a first installment of 5 tips from Dr. Oz (and some of our own), that you can adopt and can result in a 5 pound weight loss. In our Part II, we will give you another 5 tips to get you on track to a new you.

1. Portion Control. Watch the amount you eat. Dr. Oz says that your serving of meat at a meal should be no larger than the palm of your hand or a deck of cards. Our tip – add vegetables to fill in the empty space on your plate left by your smaller portion of meat. Not only will you get great nutrition – lots of vitamins and minerals – but you will also bulk up on foods high in fiber which will keep you satisfied longer and keep the hunger pangs away.

2. Look at labels. When shopping for food there are many tips to find good food. Dr. Oz says not to just look for “low fat” foods. Many times when fat is removed from foods, it is replaced by sugar, flour and other ingredients with empty calories that actually increase weight gain and hunger. Read the labels and look at both the fat and sugar content. Our tip – shop the outside of the grocery store first, then go down the aisles in the middle. Fill your cart with produce, fresh meats and other natural foods, then go down the inside aisles and look for foods that will complement the natural ingredients already in your cart. Your body will thank you for increasing your healthy foods and cutting back on processed foods.

3. Up your metabolism. Dr. Oz suggests some supplements that will increase your metabolism, which in turn, will burn more fat and help you lose weight: Fucoxanthin is an extract from edible seaweed, and helps burn belly fat, Sacha Inchi is made from a nut grown in South America and also contains ingredients that fight belly fat, and L-arginine that helps balance the hormones that help your body produce lean muscle mass. Our tip – if you want to take supplements that boost your metabolism, here are some that have the added bonus of helping to suppress your appetite and burn fat: Acai Berry, African Mango and Raspberry Ketone, all of which Dr. Oz has recommended as effective weight loss supplements. If you can handle caffeine, Green Tea and Green Coffee Bean supplements also boost your weight loss.

Adding protein and greens to your diet, as well as certain spices can also give your metabolism a pick me up. Fish is an excellent source of necessary fatty acids and omega 3’s without adding a lot of calories. Adding red peppers, cayenne, jalapenos, habaneros, and tabasco, to your food add capsaicin, shown to increase your metabolism, and aid in suppressing your appetite.

4. Say no to sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners have been connected to weight GAIN, because they are empty and unsatisfying to your body and actually make you crave sugar. Also, according to Dr. Oz, they are 7000 times more sweet than sugar and desensitize your taste buds, making your body need more sugar to be satisfied.

5. Say no to soda. Soda is very high in sugar – high fructose corn syrup – in addition to wreaking your diet, it has shown to contribute to loss of bone density and diabetes. Our tip – if you are stuck on soda, try this substitute: fruit juice and seltzer water, 1 part juice to 4 parts water. Keep the juice content to a minimum, fruit juice also contains sugar, so you want the flavor with a minimum of additional sugar. But if you have trouble giving up soda, this can be an alternative that can help you break your soda habit.

Join us in our next blog post for more tips to help you make healthy changes in the new year that will take weight off and keep it off.

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